• Carolyn Clark ( 23:22 )

    Carolyn Clark, patron / producer of this film, lived in two exceptional residences in Dallas designed by Howard Meyer- 9612 Rockbrook and 5381 Nakoma. The second residence was designed for the Lipshy family and was carefully restored to original condition in the last years of Meyer’s life with his consultation and direction.

  • David Dillon ( 19:57 )

    David Dillon was a contributing editor for Architectural Record and an architectural critic for the Dallas Morning News for over 25 years before his untimely passing in May 2010, a few weeks after this video interview was filmed at his home in Amherst, MA. His insights and commentary on Meyer's work were central to the original 1991 film.

  • Rick Brettell, Ph.D ( 17:19 )

    Dr. Brettell is the Margaret McDermott Distinguished Professor of Art and Aesthetics at the University of Texas at Dallas and is a past director of the Dallas Museum of Art. His expertise in art and architecture is renowned and includes the conception and curation of the 2002 exhibition and publication “Five Dallas Modernists”.

  • W. Mark Gunderson, AIA ( 44:23 )

    An architect practicing in Fort Worth, Gunderson has an extensive art and architecture archive and library. He serves as Vice-President of Panels / Symposia for the Dallas Architecture Forum. As a past president of both AIA Fort Worth and the Dallas Architectural Foundation he writes, teaches and lectures on architecture frequently.